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Nine Real Estate Tips for Buyers and Sellers

Naasa Sherbeini

Naasa's keen eye for detail and her market knowledge are key advantages for her clientele. Meet Naasa Sherbeini After obtaining her degree in s...

Naasa's keen eye for detail and her market knowledge are key advantages for her clientele. Meet Naasa Sherbeini After obtaining her degree in s...

Aug 10 4 minutes read

Whether you're buying or selling your home, there are a few things you need to know to make sure you make the most out of your time and energy. Here are a few tips you can use as you start making your real estate plans come alive.

9. For Buyers: Get Preapproval

A mortgage preapproval is an official document from a lender that telling you exactly how much loan money you can get, and is based on a variety of factors, including your financial information and your credit score. Getting preapproved allows you to determine your purchasing power and lets you find a home that is within your budget. It also allows you to show the home seller that you are serious and also have the money to purchase their home.

8. For Sellers: Set the right asking price

While it is tempting to sell your home for as much as you could, doing your due diligence and determining the right asking price for your home is actually important to successfully selling it. Having your home reasonably priced attracts more potential buyers and increases the interest in your property versus having an overpriced home. 

7. For buyers: List your requirements

When on the hunt for your dream home, things can get overwhelming and it may become difficult to find "The One". Preparing a list of requirements that breaks down your needs, non-negotiables, and nice-to-haves will allow you to shop for homes efficiently.

6. For Sellers: Declutter and Depersonalize

One key factor in attracting buyers to a home is being able to visualize themselves living in it.  Removing your personal belongings creates a neutral home setting which can help in this. Making sure your home is decluttered also lets you stage it more easily and makes it more presentable as well.

5. For Buyers: Hire an Inspector

Having your potential home inspected beforehand can help save you from headache in the long run. A home inspector can identify potential problems in the house even before you move in, and will give you an idea on whether it is a good investment or something which needs to be addressed by the seller. 

4. For Sellers: Get a Pre-listing Inspection

Having your home inspected by a professional can let you know if it has potential problems which you can address beforehand. This allows you to have more confidence in the marketability of your home and may also help in ensuring you're getting the right price for it.

3. For Buyers: Plan Your Budget

One of the things that buyers often forget is to factor in a budget for repairs and renovations.While the preapproval lets you know how much you can spend, you should also make sure you purchase a house within your budget that allows you to plan for contingencies and emergencies. 

2. For Sellers: Get Ready to Move

Once you place your home on the market, things may happen sooner than you think. Making sure you are move-ready allows you to turn over the house as soon as possible, ensuring that you don't lose your buyer because of delays or last-minute changes.

1. Find the right real estate agent

Whether you need advise on how to price your home, or want to make sure you get to check out all available homes in the location you want, finding a real  estate agent who will be able to help you will be the best choice you can make in your buying or selling journey. The expertise they can offer alongside the wealth of experience they have is something that can make this experience go more smoothly.

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